Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Entity Framework & SQL Server CE problem

The SQL Server Compact Edition throws a very unhelpful SqlCeException exception with the message:

"A parameter is missing. [ Parameter ordinal = 1 ]"

when using the entity framwork SaveChanges() method if you set a decimal property to a value with more decimal places than the database column has been configured to store.

For example, if you have a database table "header" with a Numeric 18/3 column "Height" and execute the following code, the "A parameter is missing" will be thrown.

  EntityFrameworkSQLCEEntities entities = new
  Header header = Header.CreateHeader(Guid.NewGuid(), "Test");
  header.Height = Convert.ToDecimal(3.4555);
  //header.Height = Decimal.Round(Convert.ToDecimal(3.4555), 3);


Rounding the decimal to the supported number of decimal places prior to setting the property "fixes" this problem but couldn't this be better handled by the Entity Framework and/or SQL Server Compact Edition?


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